A Prevailing Wage Case Study - JTC Case Study

A Prevailing Wage Case Study

How Jacobs Telephone Contractors used Certified Payroll Reporting to save more than $11K a year and more than 700 hours on payroll!


Jacobs Telephone Contractors (JTC) is a family-owned business that installs cabling for phones and internet within buildings. A significant portion of their revenue flow comes from government contracts. When they took on one of their largest deals ever for Ohio State University, the new contract required JTC to file certified reports for both the state and federal government.


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“This solution is excellent; it speaks for itself. In the 10 years I have worked with it, I’ve only had to call with questions a couple of times. It is extremely well built, and with this recent integration, it gives me my Fridays back to focus on my employees and what matters— their safety and benefits.” Stephanie Furrow, JTC

Annual Savings $11,712
728 Hours Saved Annually
35% of Year Freed Up with Integrated Solution vs. Manual Input


JTC’s payroll professional Stephanie Furrow came to us with her challenge: 

  • Certified payroll required a large block of time to input manually and required a payroll professional to certify. 
  • It was taking her two full days (14 hours) every week to complete -- that’s 28 hours every payroll period. 
  • This repetitive chore was draining valuable resources from her company. 
  • She wanted to spend her Fridays working on safety and benefits for her employees—not on certified reports

Results Driven Solution

Certified Payroll Reporting by Points North believes every customer is unique. That’s why we sit down with each client, listen to their requests, and prepare a customized, results-driven solution.

After speaking with Stephanie, we were able to use an integration that connects our software to her payroll platform, ADP Workforce Now® for medium to large businesses. This integration allowed Certified Payroll Reporting to REVOLUTIONIZE Stephanie’s workflow.

As a result of the ADP Workforce Now integration, Stephanie is now able to:

  • Reduce her previous 14-hour weekly payroll process to just 30 minutes.
  • Eliminate manual entry errors by taking information directly from the payroll system
  • Ensure her company stays in compliance Focus on what matters most—the employees at her company
  • Have the gift of her Fridays back—which to her is priceless!

Why do contractors and construction companies working with prevailing wages like JTC choose Certified Payroll Reporting by Points North ?

  1. A Simple, user-friendly interface 
  2. Federal, state and municipal reporting 
  3. Easy transfer from their payroll provider 
  4. Simple and stress-free certified weekly or bi-weekly payroll reports generated within minutes 
  5. Increased report accuracy 
  6. Elimination of duplicate or data entry 
  7. Comprehensive compliance statements, no work reports and fringe benefit reporting 
  8. A positively impact on their company’s bottom line by saving time and money

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If you have been looking for a solution that can solve some of your Certified Payroll Reporting headaches then look no further. Reach out to us here and schedule a free demo of our software.

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