Rate Management

Manage Rates at Any Level with Our Intuitive Rate Management Software

At Points North, we understand that wage rates can vary across projects, trades, and employees. That's why our Certified Payroll Reporting software is designed for maximum flexibility when it comes to your project’s rate management. 

Pre-Payroll Features

Optimize Your Rates and Simplify Your Contract Bidding Process

Leverage rate data to generate certified payroll reports required for prevailing wage and union jobs. Our software ensures you stay compliant as regulations change. 

Custom Pay Rates

Project-Specific Rate Management

Set custom pay rates for each project to accurately track costs and simplify reporting. Our system lets you define rates at the project level, so you can easily handle different requirements across jobsites. 

  • Set unique wage rates for each project
  • Handle different requirements across multiple jobsites with ease
  • Tie pay rates directly to project cost codes for accurate job costing
  • Change project pay rates individually as contracts are updated 
Project Management
Work Classification

Role-Based Rate Management

Apply specific wage rates based on the trade or role. If you have electricians working as plumbers on a job, no problem! Define separate rates within our software so each worker is paid accurately. 

  • Define project pay rates by trade or worker classification 
  • Ensure workers are paid right when handling multiple roles per project 
  • No hassle when plumbers work as electricians or vice versa 
  • Update job rates for specific trades as union contracts change 
Role Management
Granular Customization

Employee-Level Rate Management

Manage pay rates for individual employees when required. Certain projects may need employee-specific wages, which our system can handle seamlessly. 

  • Manage job pay rates for individual employees 
  • Handle employee-specific wage rates required by certain projects 
  • Grandfather employees at old pay rates during rate changes 
  • Adjust individual rates based on experience, certifications, or other factors 
Employee Management
Easily Update Rate Dates

Effective Date Management

Easily update rates year-to-year or as contracts change. Set effective dates for new wage rate management so your data stays up-to-date. No more headaches when rates change! 

  • Set effective dates for new wage rates company-wide or per project 
  • Ensure accurate pay during rate changes with date-driven rules 
  • Prevent outdated pay rates with proactive expiry alerts
  • Streamline year-to-year rate updates with easy cloning tools 
Date Management
Connect The Dots

Seamless Payroll Integration

Our project rate management functionality seamlessly integrates with your payroll system. Worker pay is automatically calculated using the appropriate rates, making payroll a breeze. 

  • Automated pay calculation using appropriate rate rules 
  • Push rates directly into your payroll system
  • Generate payroll-ready reports with all worker pay details
  • Avoid manual rate entry and reduce payroll errors 
Payroll Integration
Ensure Compliance

Compliance Reporting

Leverage rate data to generate certified payroll reports required for prevailing wage and union jobs. Our software ensures you stay compliant as regulations change. 

  • Leverage prevailing wage rate data for certified payroll reporting
  • Ensure compliance with Davis-Bacon Act and union rate rules
  • Provide detailed pay rate audits to avoid fines or penalties
  • Configure reports to meet any regulatory requirements 
Compliance Reporting
Pre-Payroll Rate Management

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Stop struggling with spreadsheets and manual processes for prevailing wage rate determination. Points North offers modern software for managing all your rate configurations and requirements. Learn more about Certified Payroll Reporting here or request a demo today!