3 Strategies to Simplify Payroll

People Exchanging Payroll Cash

No matter how well-organized business is, you may run into payroll obstacles. Paying the employees on time is one of them that determines a company’s reputation. Companies have to set a budget and create new incentives every year. You may overlook payrolls as an operational expense, but it offers unmatchable benefits at a global level.

Businesses without having their payroll process evaluated across all countries can miss out on these benefits. The payroll process may sound simple, but considering all regulations, taxes, and fees are challenging. You can improve, simplify, and enhance the process of looking at global payroll. While reviewing payroll, you can streamline the process by following these strategies:

Data and Reporting

The first step in simplifying your payroll is to evaluate the following things: 

  • Check if you can access your data in real-time by every month or not? 
  • Are you able to evaluate your payroll and create reports for all countries and currencies every month? 

Reviewing your data and permissions is one of the basic steps in the payroll process. You must have accessibility to see your data in real-time. If you don’t have, there must be any compliance issues, frauds, or errors. When it comes to payroll reporting, it should allow you to visit one or more countries at a time. The knowledge of the data and reporting is the first step in making improvements. Without knowing what’s going on every month, you can’t make better strategies.


After knowing about your access to data and reports, check if you are keeping up with furlough changes in your country. Having a team that keeps you updated on all terms and policies in your country makes your payroll compliant. If you don’t have a team to keep you informed with the changing policies, you can’t manage your payrolls. The best management is when you have direct access to in-country payroll experts that inform you of all updates. When you manage the payroll process in more than one country, the process may get more complicated. Avoiding mistakes and risks in such cases become more necessary.


For every business and every step of any process, integration is the basic requirement. In the payroll process, integration means: 

  • Knowing if your national or global payroll integrated on one platform?
  • Are all employee payrolls available to view in one place?

Integration on the global level plays a vital role in the payroll process, but here we’re discussing ways to simplify it. The process is said to be integrated if the processing and reporting are integrated, one team can manage all payrolls. There is no need for multiple systems for multinational companies to integrated payroll processes.

The Takeaway

Look for these three aspects in your payroll process. If anyone is missing, you need new solutions to help in simplifying the process. Certified payroll reporting creates smart certified payroll solutions. Contact us for more details.

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