Tips and Guidelines for Purchasing Construction Software

People Looking at Software Options

As technological advancement increases with time, the use of management software by professionals also increases. In the construction industry, we notice that using construction software for project management has now become a trend.

Many questions arise during the construction purchasing process. Some common ones are:-

  • What kinds of construction software are there?
  • How can we purchase one?
  • Which one is more suitable?

To help you out in decision making, we will walk you through some important key insights for purchasing construction software in this article.

Your Priorities

What do professionals look for while choosing construction software? Well, one thing is for sure that people like price competitiveness. So it is expected that the software which is easy on your pocket will be in your favorite picklist. Side by side, quality must be top-notch as well. This is why some people prefer buying more costly software if they do the job faster and more easily. Higher-ups perhaps are less concerned about ease of use, but those who are working in the field are. They are the ones who have to use the construction software the most after all hence buying one with simple instructions is recommended.

Lastly, do make sure that the construction software you use is up to date. This is needed to ensure, and it performs a wide range of super useful tasks that can make construction work a whole lot easier.

Talk about field workers’ needs

The field-end users usually get less say in the construction software selection process even though they are the ones who use them most for progress updates and work-related reporting. The office folks should take a survey to find out about the field workers’ preferences and buy software accordingly. If the proper concern is given to their needs, software that makes both sides happy can be found in no time. Work efficiency levels are highest when there is maximum satisfaction and ease in the workplace.

Integration with other software

Both field and office workers like those construction softwares which integrate with their existing ones. When they sync with other ones; project management and reporting dine more effectively. Interestingly, 80% of office workers use softwares that sync. 68% of field workers use them too; yes, the stats are less than the office workers, but 68% is still a good number which proves that most of them like using the integrating ones.

Note the features

What are features most sought for in construction software? Well, there are many. Let’s talk about each separately. 

  • Resource Tracking and allocation:Tracking and storing data is essential for all industries. In old times, people used to rely on long, tiring paperwork to keep everything managed. However, times have changed. Thanks to technology; large amounts of data can be uploaded and stored with the single click of a button. The perfect construction management software has precise tracking tools, allocation of inventory, and records of assets. All such content can be recorded while having the software note the exact project-related timelines. The softwares that give access to real-time data to make swift, effective decisions are recommended.
  • Purchase order Solutions: Cloud technology is no less than a lifesaver when it comes to data management. Construction softwares which has all important real-time data like budget and inventory needs allow for fast purchase order solutions. It gets hectic calling field workers and asking them about their needs all the time. “With the number of drawings, we needed somewhere to manage all the communication and all the documents.” – General Contractor. Cloud management allows one to actively check for reports related to needs, budget and cost of supplies so that the office workers can make better and more efficient purchase decisions. “Everything is Cloud-based now – it makes sense if you want to have that back up – it’s the data storage for people out in the field and all over the place that makes it more accessible, and that’s because of the Cloud.” – General Contractor
  • Content management: Construction managers need to check and upload documents all the time. This is why it is really important that you do not neglect this feature while making construction software purchases. Ease of documentation saves from a lot of unnecessary hassle. Content related to costs, work updates, supplies needed, and so on is pretty vast for paperwork alone to handle. Construction software completely removes the need of any paperwork anyways if their content management tools are good enough. Through good construction software, real-time data, as well as important records and updates, can be checked for. This means field workers and office workers can stay connected this way, and instead of having to call or email each other for important information, they can simply check the software. Everything becomes super convenient this way.
  • Complete workflow tracking: A lot of fluctuations and problems can arise in the construction industry. There can be an increase in costs, defected material issues, accidents, urgent purchasing needs and so on. Construction software gives a holistic bird eye’s view of the entire situation through all the records. Hardly anything can be missed out on this way. Project logs, deadlines, progress updates, inventory related records; all can be managed through good construction software. So make sure that you buy one which can manage workflow effectively. Do your research before purchasing.

Most recommended construction software

Surveys (By Business advantage team) received from vendors and construction software users show that Prolog, Bluebeam, Viewpoint, Procore, Autodesk BIM 360 and Plangrid are the most loved construction management softwares in the U.S. Though, only 3% of organizations are completely up-to-date by using only construction softwares (like Bluebeam, Procore or Prolog) only for all of their management needs. 52% still rely on email, and 32% use Microsoft Excel for their documentation needs.

Well, that’s it. If you keep all these key insights for purchasing construction software in mind before purchasing, you will surely land on the perfect one to solve all of your management needs. Good luck!

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