Using Tech to Streamline Your Covid 19 Construction Projects

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The fact that people from various avenues and stakeholders have to work together to deliver a project makes construction complex business industry. It just takes one minute delay on a task and you are on your way impacting the budget and the entire process. To avoid that, one of the key components for a successful construction project is effective synchronisation between the job site and boardroom. Positive growth of on-field productivity is beneficial since it can prove a profitable future along with lower waste, fewer disputes, and negligible rework rates. For example, the U.K. Government's plan from 2017 says that an increase in productivity could save £15 billion/year. 

There are 2 catalysts that are essential in order to boost productivity: usage of digital tools to bring the corporate office and construction site closer, and disintegration of habit's power in the supply chain. Stakeholders actively acknowledge the usefulness of technology within the construction and that is why construction technology companies have collected over $10 billion in investments, as reported by McKinsey and Company during 2011-2017.

Below are some ways how construction software can enhance productivity, thereby making the process more profitable. 

1. Real-time collaboration

Keeping communication intact between all project agents is important. Collaboration is the fruit of effective communication, and it shows directly on the progress of a project's 3-6 week plan. It just takes one minute misunderstanding for the contractor to roam around the construction site clueless regarding the next step. This is where the beneficial construction software steps in, revolutionizing communication methods and enhancing clarity in the entire process.

Using digital devices such as phones and tablets, not only can the entire team remain connected regarding updates and any issues but also avoid any unnecessary conflicts and delays.

2. Overview across projects

When you are involved actively within the construction industry, it is likely that you will be working on numerous projects at a time. For that reason, it is important for you to be updated regarding every project, and construction software allows you to do that. Progress reporting is a feature that helps you keep track of your agreed budgets and deadlines. It will also indicate to you which project needs more attention, helping you to avoid possible problems.

3. Reporting from the field

Staying up to date about everything on the construction site is key. It is understandable that progress reporting can be overwhelming for the administration department. As a result, through a simple mobile application, allowing people on the site to report their inpidual progress is a great way to go around. They can even upload photos that ensure further clarity and pision of labor. 

4. BIM

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling which involves helping the project teams in ensuring everything goes according to plan in terms of safety, quality of information, etc. This process also involves 3-Dimensional models and detailed graphs. When people upload inpidual information on the BIM application, managers can keep a track of that and plan for the future confidently. 

5. Historical data

Analysis of a stream of data over time is crucial. The abundance of data is beneficial as it allows teams to replicate some successful practices, increase productivity and profits, etc. with construction software and historical data, we can move towards better efficiency along with cost predictions. 

Even though the advent of technology within the construction industry has taken place, we’re still at an amateur level. It is undeniable that there is rising potential within the industry, and that will be even more evident in the days to come.

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