Instructions for completing payroll forms

While running a small business, one of the important tasks is to complete payroll. Whenever an employee joins a business, owners must do a lot more alongside welcoming and assigning duties. It is necessary to complete a payroll form that ensures the employee to get paid regularly without any interruptions. Payrolls highlight all aspects of the business including economic solidity and employee's determination. There are many kinds of payroll forms available for small businesses, however, the WH-347 is the certified payroll form. Certified Payroll Reporting provides excellent payroll services. It is important to fill out the payroll form appropriately. Instructions to complete WH-347 are given below. 

Instructions for completing payroll form
Fig 1: first page of WH-347 form

Basic Information Section

As shown in the above screenshot 

  • First, it needs to mark the checkbox to identify the contractor or subtractor and mention the name of the person. 
  • Next to the name in the address box, the contractor or subcontractor’s complete address will be written. 
  • In the second row, insert payroll number that may start from 1 if it is completed for the first time and if it is filled up final then it is the last payroll.
  • Next box requires to enter the date of the weekend, payroll reports are usually submitted after a week. 
  • Then enter the location of the project in the location box.
  • The contract number will be written in the last box.

First two rows of form contain basic information. After these first two rows, there are columns and guidelines to complete these columns, given below. 

Column 1:This is the list of all resources like labours and mechanics involved in the project. All workers are listed here.

Column 2:This column is filled for the convenience of the employer. 

Column 3:Every worker is assigned for a specific task related to the project. This column defines the classification of work among all workers. 

Column 4:This column is filled for the total work hours according to the day and date. It helps to calculate the total payable hours. The cross-section area of column and row is further pided into identical rows that show 'o-overtime' and 's-straight work'.

Column 5:Total work hours in a week are summed up in this column.

Instructions for completing payroll form
Fig 2: Compliance statement of Regulations and Public Burden Statement
Instructions for completing payroll form
Fig 3: second page of WH-347 form

Column 6:This column box shows the hourly rate for the worker or labour. It also shows the fringes payment that is written as e.g., "$12.25/.40" would reflect a $12.25 base hourly rate plus $0.40 for fringe benefits. 

Column 7:Specify the gross earnings for the hours worked under the contract. The upper half of the column is filled with the earnings from the current project and the lower half-filled with the earnings from other contracts if the worker/employee is involved in any other projects.

Column 8:deductions column is further pided into 6 sections. 5 boxes are given for deductions and then total deductions are written in the 6th subcolumn. If deductions are more than 4, then the ‘other’ column is used and defined.

Column 9:The total payable amount after deduction. 

Totals: at the end of the form there is an empty row entitled as total. It is filled under the request of the contractor or employer. 

Other details 

There are some other sections at the end of the form that is needed to understand.

Items 1 and 2: in the compliance statement these two items are used to describe the 'others' in the deductions column. 

Parts 3 and 5: statements of the regulations are described in these parts that must be known by the contractor or subtractor before signing the contract. 

Item 4: this section shows the information about the fringe benefits. If the contractor allows paying the straight hours earning and overtime hours then it is written in 4a. However, if the contractor does not allow for the fringe benefits then the payment of straight time should not less than the determined amount. 

Exceptions: it is related to the item 4c and describes exceptions to fringe benefits. 


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