Directions and Instructions for Certified Payroll Reporting

Money and Calculator for Certified Payroll

If you win a contract for the government then you must submit a certified payroll report every week to the project’s general contractor, otherwise you are not complying with the Davis-Bacon Act. If you do not submit a certified payroll report, you can be prosecuted even if you are paying your employees the prevailing wage. So, it is very important for you to understand what you need to submit, and this varies for every state.

Learn more about ensuring your certified payroll reporting is compliant with government entities with the following instructions and guidance.

Make sure you select a quality payroll provider


What needs to be submitted in states without individual prevailing wage laws?

In these states, the federal regulations for certified payroll need to be followed. According to these regulations, you need to submit the following items in order to complete your certified payroll report. These items are set out in the federal WH-347 form.

  • The name and ID number of every employee who works on site.
  • Each employee’s job classification (e.g. carpenter, electrician, etc.).
  • The number of hours each employee worked, including overtime.
  • Every employee’s rate of pay is based on the prevailing wage, including fringe benefits (or cash paid in lieu of fringe benefits).
  • Every employee’s gross amount earned.
  • Every employee’s deductions or withholdings.
  • Every employee’s net wages paid

States With Prevailing Wage Laws

In states with their own prevailing wage laws, you will have to check for any additional regulations before you submit your certified payroll report. You can also use software that makes following the instructions for certified payroll reporting easier in these states.

What Is a Statement of Compliance?

The statement of compliance includes:
  • The date of the report submitted.
  • The name and position of the person submitting the statement.
  • The name of the company working on the project.
  • The name of the project.
  • The date of the beginning work week, “[date] day of [Month], [year].”
  • The name of the company working on the project.
  • A deduction statement like, “Deductions are based on gross wages and include but are not limited to: Federal Withholding, FICA, Medicare, State Withholding, State Disability Insurance, Union Deductions, Child Support, or Other Garnishments.”
  • An indication of how fringe benefits are paid (either in cash or through plans, funds, or other programs).
  • Exceptions to indicate any employees who don’t qualify for fringe benefits.
  • Any remarks regarding payroll, including the frequency of payroll (submitted on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, for example).
  • The name and position of the person submitting the statement.
  • The signature of the person submitting the statement.

What is included in the Statement of Compliance?

If you are already using payroll software then you need to make sure that the system of your payroll provider can be integrated with the software you are using. This also includes accounting, attendance, and timing software.

While selecting a payroll provider you need to ensure that you will get the necessary support when needed. You can do this by asking for a dedicated support representative who will later serve as your main point of contact in case of any problems.

If you are looking for a quality payroll provider but are struggling to find any then you should consider acquiring the services of Certified Payroll Reporting. We specialize in all aspects of payroll management and we ensure that our clients get the best service experience, which will make following instructions for your certified payroll reporting a breeze. If you have any further queries, contact us anytime.

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