How to Fill Out a California DAS 142 Form

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  • July 5, 2023

Form DAS 142, also known as an authorization for overtime work form, is a document authorizing overtime pay for non-exempt California state employees to meet apprenticeship regulations. DAS, short for Division of Apprenticeship Standards, is a classification within California’s Department of Industrial Regulations (DIR) with over 90,000 registered apprentices and 1,200 trainees combining to create a skilled workforce within the state that offers viable career pathways to increase productivity and strengthen California’s economy.

Filled out by an apprentice’s contract supervisor or manager, Form DAS 142 must state the purpose of the overtime, the project the overtime is associated with, and the dates and hours worked. It’s critical to file on time, and be sure that all the information is correct — down to the hours requested. If your Form DAS 142 is not filed on time, and with the right information, the form will be considered invalid.

When to File Form DAS 142

Form DAS 142 needs to be submitted to the required local apprenticeship committee a minimum of three business days prior to workers being needed for overtime. Giving more than three business days' notice is preferred, and the form must account for the exact dates and hours for overtime work. If the form is ever filed late, even if it’s just a few hours past due, it will be invalid.

Note that overtime pay is not available to all state employees under California law. Eligible workers are non-exempt, and they must be paid a rate of one and one-half times their normal hourly rate. Exempt employees, or those not eligible for overtime pay, would count as salaried managers, administrative workers, and some other types of professional workers.

What Information Is Needed

The state of California requires Form DAS 142 to contain the following details:

  • Contractor information. Your company’s name, work address, Public Works Contractor (PWC) registration number, phone and fax numbers, and your license number must be on the form.
  • Apprenticeship Committee details. The name, address, phone and fax numbers for the apprentice committee you are filing with are required.
  • Basic project information. Include pertinent details, such as your PWC project and contract numbers, your contract’s name and associated dollar amount, and the location of where the project is being completed.
  • Worker needs. How many apprentice workers are needed, for how many hours, what craft or trade you require them for, and the name of who they must report to, including when and where, must be included.

Filing Form DAS 142 Correctly, Every Time, in California

If a Form DAS 142 is not filled out correctly, or filed on time, you may face fines from the DIR of up to $100 per day. Noncompliance is not something that can be corrected after the form has been filed, so either it’s done correctly and the overtime work is approved, or it’s not. If this seems daunting, we can help. 

Certified Payroll Reporting, powered by Points North, is a cloud-based solution California-based contractors can use that makes filling out and filing Form DAS 142 faster and easier than ever before. Our easy-to-use interface makes it easy to meet all your certified payroll needs. Ready to get started? Book a free demo today!
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