Certified Payroll Reporting Takes an Important Step Forward

Davison-Bacon Act requires contractors and subcontractors to pay prevailing wages to all employers working on publicly funded projects. Employers must need to comply with the related acts and need to submit payroll reports to the Labor Commission. As many employees are working on the construction site, they all don't get paid the same prevailing wages. It has become difficult for business owners to stay compliant with IRS regulations. To pay correct wages to employees, the wage rates should match with the proper job codes. Otherwise, there is a risk of submitting incorrect data to the government. For compliance, employers need to submit accurate information. Points North brings simplicity to the payroll reporting process. With our services, setting up payroll and assigning prevailing wages to employees has become easier.

Voice of Customers

When it comes to payroll reporting, customers sometimes need in-person talk.We connect customers to their dedicated specialists from day one. Our experts work with customers consistently to understand their business needs and challenges. We work as a part of your business and help customers to seek new opportunities to meet unmet needs. The payroll specialists at Points North have the experience and skills to deal expertly with the complications during payroll management. The payroll reporting process at Points North Involves getting inputs on a daily basis, job codes, pay codes, and reporting parameters. To further improve our process, we take valuable insights from customer’s feedback.

Uncovered the need to send certified reports directly to clients from the platform

After getting your employee's information, our payroll specialists prepare payroll reports with maximum accuracy. To ensure accuracy and completeness Points North runs over several validation checks including state-specific wage determinations. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we keep our services customer-centered. With efficient payroll reporting and customer-centered services, Points North has become the most reliable choice for customers. Customers can get their payroll reports in multiple formats compliant with federal, state, and local regulations. For every project, our goal is to provide maximum quality in a timely and professional manner. 

The email functionality

Generate certified payroll reports – and send them where they need to go – directly from the Certified Payroll Reporting® system

Employers need to send a copy of payroll reports to federal, state, or municipal clients, and to contractors and colleagues.With Points North solutions, businesses can email the certified payroll reports easily to concerned people. Automatic payroll solution provides you the benefit of sending the reports directly by creating email distribution lists for all projects. Furthermore, you can attach multiple reports to a single email and can accommodate different recipients for various reports within projects.

Complete Payroll Services

Our Complete Payroll Services include:

  • Providing weekly, twice a month, or monthly reports.
  • IRS and payroll tax calculations.
  • Automatic Time Tracking.
  • A detailed report on the vacations, sick days, and personal day’s accruals of employees.
  • Contractor payments.
  • Employee Web Portal.
  • Quarterly & Annual Payroll Tax filings.
  • Health Insurance and Retirement Plan deductions.
  • Creating and filing the required new employee’s reports.
  • Easy to understand and user friendly monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax reports.
  • Perfect maintenance of payroll records. 

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