Job Costing Data Compilation and Current Wage Rate Management

Calculator and Documents for Job Costing

Before the processing of any payroll, there is a lot of work that needs to be done and with our Payroll Reporting solution, you will be able to manage all of that since our solution is certified by the authorities. From bringing in time data, crunching out calculated data, automating complicated calculations to the management of wage rates and fringe amounts, our Payroll Reporting solution offers to efficiently do all of that and much more.

Customization of Wage Solutions

Every company’s current wage rate is unique which means that the solution it requires should also be one of a kind. Keeping that in mind, we have designed our Payroll Reporting solution to have customized features so that we can adjust it according to your company’s needs and wage solutions that it is looking for.

Features of the Certified Payroll Reporting System

When it comes to our certified Payroll Reporting System, you would be able to import your daily time data from your hour counting platform, churn out data speedily, do complicated calculations in an automated fashion, and match the wage rates and fringe amounts to each other and much more. Most importantly, you would be able to upload all your job costing reporting to your payroll platform and automate the whole process which means that there will be no room for any mistake. 

Managing of Rates

The function of rate management in our system will allow you to trace different certified projects and their corresponding wage rates in one location digitally. You would be able to factor in any wage rate with its fringe amount and manage them according to different factors available in the system.

Incorporate Time Data

Importing time data is one of the key features as it will allow you to upload your data into the platform where it will calculate the payout for every employee depending on the ongoing wage rate. All you will need to do is export the time data out of your platform and bring it into our system from where we will process it according to the hours worked, work classification and more.

Complex Calculations

If your company has additional needs like complex overtime or fringe calculations then it cannot be managed by your platform. But with our team can incorporate any customization into the Certified Payroll Reporting system so that you would not need to do complicated analysis by hand or apply formulas into different spreadsheets.


Our system will be able to combine the daily hours your employees have worked and the daily wage rate and fringe amounts of your company into one place so that you can export it to your platform without any trouble. When it will be uploaded to your payroll solution in such a speedy manner, your payroll will be on time and efficient.

All you need to do is click a button that will export out the data and upload it on your payroll solution and your work will be done just like that!

A Certified Payroll System like ours would allow you to manage all your payroll data and you won’t need to waste your energy on complicated tasks at all, the automation will do all the work for you!

Thousands of contractors throughout the country rely on Certified Payroll Reporting to simplify their prevailing wage reporting, join them today by clicking here to contact us

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