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We are committed to ensuring the privacy of your personal information. We collect and store the information you share with us (e.g. your name, address, and phone number). This information is kept in a secure file and is used to tailor our communications to you.

We will not share, sell or trade your e-mail address; nor do we release survey data for marketing use by other companies. We do not participate in or contribute to shared databases that give other companies access to information.  

On a limited basis, we may share your name and address with our business partners so that they can tell you about their products and services. If you prefer that your name not be shared, please notify us by e-mail, phone or mail of your preference.

Toll Free:           1-888-561-2072

E-mail:               info@points-north.com  

Mail:                  371 Canal Park Drive, Ste 210  
                          Duluth, MN 55802