Do your government projects require FederalState and Municipal reports?  If so, the Certified Payroll Reporting Deluxe Edition is for you.  The Deluxe Edition functions just like the Basic, but comes equipped with dozens of additional State and Municipal forms. 


 1.  Process your payroll
 2.  Easily enter your payroll summary and daily hours by employee, 
      job & work classification into the online application
 3.  Certified Payroll Reporting automatically generates the Federal 
      WH-347State and Municipal reports

Purchase the Deluxe Edition today for just $1,495!  Call 218-740-3203 to speak with a product specialist! 

A per report processing fee of $5.00 is charged for each report generated.  An annual license fee of $995 will be applied each year on January 1st for continued use of the application.  

Deluxe Edition

         Certified Payroll Reporting      
         has greatly streamlined our weekly reporting process.  It used to take us an hour each week to prepare our reports in Excel.  With Certified Payroll Reporting, it takes just 10 minutes."
Cooper Engineering
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